Tuition + Fees - Aid = What You Pay

Your financial aid award starts with the guaranteed Excellence Scholarship (determined by your high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores)  – but it doesn't end there.

Calculate Your Estimated Excellence Scholarship  - NEEDS LINK

Talent scholarships, grants, work study and loans will all help to keep your college costs down. In other words, don't let the numbers below scare you.

Cost of Attendance 2018-19

Student Fees
Technology Fee
Comprehensive Fees $48,272
Transportation (estimated)
Personal Expenses (estimated)
Total $51,178

Finish in Four – Guaranteed!

It's not just great aid that makes Concordia an excellent value. Our Four Years, For Real Guarantee means we're committed to making sure our students graduate in four years (unlike many regional universities where degree completion can take five or even six years).