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During your First-Year Experience, Concordia will become your home away from home. Your First-Year Experience includes courses, programs and activities that will help you transition during your first year away from home.

Here are some of the things you'll cover throughout your First-Year Experience:


Once August hits and you’re ready to move to campus, you'll take part in your Fall Orientation. You'll meet other students, get your Cobber Beanie, familiarize yourself with the campus and prepare for your first semester. 

Inquiry Seminars

All first-year students take an Inquiry Seminar. These first-year courses will help you develop valuable learning skills and get to know some friendly faces on campus.

Summer Book Read

All first-year students read a book prior to their time on campus that they will discuss during Orientation to help bridge topics and themes.

Cobber Expo

There are many cocurricular activities available to you, including athletics, theatre, music, service-learning, media and more. Attend the Cobber Expo in September for more ideas on how to get involved.

Meet Your Faculty Advisor

During registration or your first week on campus, you’ll be assigned a faculty advisor. You’re encouraged to meet with your advisor throughout your four years to discuss your career goals, academic concerns and to register for future classes.

First-Year Experience

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Shower Caddy Essentials

Up and at ’em! It’s 7:30 and you have an 8 a.m. across campus. Rush to your door, grab your towel off your hook and pick up your trusty shower caddy and head to the bathroom.

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7 Min Read

Advice for Your First Week of College

Bags and boxes litter the floor. Doors are propped open as parents and siblings haul your belongings into your new home.

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