Gabriel Eisenbacher ’21, Lake Lillian, Minn.

Major/Minor: Social Studies Education; Coaching

Why did you choose Concordia?

Concordia fit with everything I wanted. A friendly community and environment, great academics mixed with small class sizes, the option to continue with athletics, affordability through financial aid and a great location. I always felt so welcome and at home when I came to Concordia during my college search. Then, when I was recruited to the track team, my mind was made up. How could I pass up the opportunity to continue to be in a sport, get a great education and be part of such an amazing community?

What activities have you been involved with on campus?

I’m part of the Concordia track and field team, I play intramural basketball on the weekends and I also work for the Concordia Phonathon team.

What do you plan to do postgraduation?

I plan to become a social studies teacher in Minnesota and coach basketball. I have always loved being able to be a mentor to other people and help prepare young adults for what lies ahead in their lives. By teaching and coaching, I would be able to be just that! Plus, I’ve always had a fascination and passion with anything to do with social studies and, at the end of the day, I would love to teach other people about how important subjects like history truly are. After doing that, I would really like to go on to get my master’s degree in education while I’m teaching and coaching.

What coaching and mentoring have you done?

I have worked as a Bible camp counselor at Green Lake Bible Camp for the last couple of summers. I also had the opportunity to coach my school’s fourth-grade basketball team during the season and the varsity team in a few summer league games. I also led multiple basketball skills camps for younger kids. It was interesting to take on the role of a coach instead of the role of a player. It was such a satisfying feeling to see the work they put into practice pay off on the court. It just made me so proud.

Who has been one of your most influential professors at Concordia?

Dr. Bath, who taught my Controversies in Political Science course (I highly recommend taking it). I always looked forward to his classes because the topics really made me think about our world and society today, and the way he explained things opened new ways of thinking or viewing a certain topic. He also really helped with the adjustment to college life by checking in with us during class and asking how we were doing.

What do you like most about being on the Cobber track and field team?

Track and field is a unique sport in that it has the team camaraderie mixed with the individual competition, which I love. The Cobber track and field team has such a tight-knit bond that it literally feels like a family. Everyone is always supporting each other and makes sure to take care of every team member, which is a very special part of the program. I also really enjoy how flexible track and field is with other activities. I can be involved with more than just track and can also have plenty of time to focus on academics.

What do you love most about your coach?

I really enjoy having Garrick Larson as a head coach because he truly cares about his athletes. He checks in with us to see how we are doing and is always pushing us to put in the extra work so that we can be the best we can be. My jump coach, Kevin Drotts, was a multi-event track and field athlete for NDSU, so he really knows what he’s talking about and pushes us to be the best jumpers we can be at every practice!

What do you most appreciate about being a student-athlete at Concordia?

I am able to be a student as well as an athlete. The sport does not consume my whole life and I am still able to find time to socialize with fellow Cobbers, get some rest, do homework and be involved with other activities.

What advice would you give a prospective student about selecting a college?

After you get your tours, information and anything else associated with a college search, take a few minutes and just find somewhere on the campus to sit for a little bit. Try and imagine yourself sitting there during the school year and if you could see being on the campus as a home. That’s how you know what colleges to consider.