Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax-deductible.

What is the minimum gift needed to establish an endowed fund? What are the specific areas of need for endowments?

Your endowed scholarship gifts are invested by Concordia and the spendable investment income is awarded to a selected student. The principal remains intact, providing ongoing scholarship funds. To establish an endowed scholarship, a minimum of $30,000 is required. You may choose to fund the entire endowment at once or make payments over a period of three to five years. We’ll work with you to create an agreement defining the terms of the scholarship.

How can I establish a named scholarship or award?

Named scholarships, also known as restricted scholarships, are funded annually. This amount is then awarded to a selected student on an annual basis. To establish a restricted named scholarship, there is a minimum commitment of $5,000 per year.

The Legacy Scholarship recognizes academic achievement of incoming freshmen. You can fund a Legacy Scholarship by making annual contributions of $5,000 or more.