• Send your required financial documents

    Review the documents required for your application and follow the steps to submit them.

  • Make Your Deposit

    Reserve your place at Concordia by submitting your deposit of $300 (refundable until May 1). In return, we’ll start to make preparations for your arrival at Concordia. To complete this process, you will need to use your Concordia username and password.

    Deposit by Credit Card

  • Obtain Your I-20 Form

    Once you have been admitted and demonstrated adequate funds for your first year of study at Concordia and made your $300 enrollment deposit, we will issue the required I-20 form. Students are responsible for covering the Priority Shipping cost; otherwise, the college will send it to you via standard post.

Concordia is partnering with SASS-SmartShip for delivery of your I-20. Once you pay your enrollment deposit to Concordia, please follow these steps to obtain your I20 and Admission Packet:

  • Register on the STUDENT LOG IN tab at http://www.sass-smartship.com/sass-smartship/StudentLogIn.aspx
  • Once registered, please log in (on the Student Tab) and select CONCORDIA COLLEGE -  MOORHEAD – INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS from the drop down menu to create your pending shipment. 
  • Next, follow the link to the secure payment portal to pay with a credit card as a guest. 
  • When your transaction is successful, Concordia will promptly receive a prepaid shipping label via email, which will be printed and affixed to your pending shipment.  (Please allow the college 24 – 48 Hours to prepare your shipment or documents once the label has been generated/received.)
  • You can monitor the status of your shipment on your Home Page by clicking on your tracking number.  Once in transit, international shipments typically deliver within 3 – 5 business days depending on the country.  Shipments destined for delivery within the domestic United States arrive overnight or the next business day. 

For questions, please contact Matt (mbeatty@cord.edu) or Steve (schaefer@cord.edu), or you may reach out directly to SASS@airconceptsusa.com

  • Pay Your SEVIS Fee

    Student and Exchange Visitor Information System is commonly called SEVIS. You are required to pay for this service online.

Regulation requires all prospective F-1 students to pay the I-901 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Fee before the Department of State issues you a visa. To pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee, visit FMJfee.com to access the SEVIS Form I-901. 

Who needs to pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee?

  • All prospective F-1 students from countries where a visa to travel to the United States is mandatory.
  • All prospective F-1 students from visa waiver countries (before seeking admission at a U.S. port of entry).
  • Any nonimmigrant in the United States applying for a change of nonimmigrant status to F-1  status (before applying for a change of nonimmigrant status).

How do I pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee?

  • Most prospective F1students also have the option to make a credit card payment on FMJfee.com.  However, prospective international students with a country of citizenship or country of birth of Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Gambia must pay by money order, Western Union Quick Pay or certified check drawn from a U.S. bank.
  • SEVP will accept third party payments, meaning someone else can pay your I-901 SEVIS Fee using the same method of payment. For students who cannot pay the fee by credit card, third party payers are also restricted from paying the fee by credit card.

Learn More

  • Register for Housing

    Housing Application for incoming Fall 2018 students opens at 9 a.m. January 8, 2018. Once students have paid their $300 enrollment deposit, they can access this application through "MyHousing." There is a lag of approximately one day between when students deposit to when they can access MyHousing. 

  • Student Registration Inventory

    Transfer and Exchange international students do not need to complete the inventory and can begin registering for classes.

    First Year international students: Check your Concordia email in mid-April for the link to this important interest inventory. Results will be used by the Registrar to complete your Fall 2018 course schedule. Your entire Fall semester schedule will be sent to your Concordia email in July.

  • "Not Anymore" Training

    This video-based program will provide critical information about Consent, Bystander Intervention, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Stalking, and much more. "Not Anymore" will help you better understand how important these issues are and what you can do to help make our campus safer.

    Complete the program

  • Inquiry Seminar

    First Year international students only: Inquiry Seminars are unique first-year courses on topics ranging from climate change to women in sports. They are paired with a written or oral communication course.  You will be able to select your Inquiry Seminar and register for the course between 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 1, and 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 8, (all times Central Daylight Saving Time or GMT -5 hours).  The online registration system is closed from Midnight to 6:00 a.m. daily (again GMT -5 hours).

    Transfer and Exchange international students do not need to complete the inventory and can schedule an appointment to register for classes after completing the phone registration questionnaire.  Please contact Matt Beatty or Steve Schaefer to receive the questionnaire.

    Inquiry Course Descriptions

  • Find a Campus Job

    International students enrolled on an F-1 student visa are permitted to work on-campus beginning their first semester. One you have submitted your enrollment deposit and received your fall class schedule you may create a Handshake profile and apply for positions on-campus.


  • Health Forms

    The Mandatory Immunizations form is required to be completed by all students. The Immunization Exemption and the Authorization to Treat a Minor forms need only be completed if it applies to you.

    Mandatory Immunizations
    Immunization Exemptions
    Authorization to Treat a Minor

  • Submit Final Transcripts and Diploma

    This one is important! Failure to submit final high school containing your graduation date will prevent you from registering for subsequent semesters. Click below for a complete list of required academic transcripts by country.

    Students requesting transfer of credit for courses taken at universities outside of the United States must have their final transcripts evaluated by an approved credential evaluation agency found on the NACES websites (www.naces.org) and sent to Concordia College.

  • Arrival Details

    First Year international students are expected to arrive to campus on Sunday, August 5. 

    Transfer and Exchange international students are expected to arrive to campus by Thursday, August 23.

    Fill out this survey so we can plan for your arrival: Arrival Form