Summer School Abroad: May 8 - June 6, 2018


Abnormal Psychology: Britain and Beyond

Psychology 357

Susan Cordes-Green, Psychology


Comparative Education in Australia: A Policy Perspective

Education 330

Barbara Witteman, Education


Italian Summer School Abroad

Italian 112 (4 credits) and optional Music 352 (2 credits)

David Hamilton, Music


Summer Study in Segovia, Spain

Spanish 343 or Spanish 424

Ady Johnson and Lisa Twomey, Spanish


Portal Seminars: May 8 - June 6, 2018


Creating a Path to a Sustainable Community: Explorations in China

Credo 380, Global Studies 380, or Environmental Studies 380

Ken Foster, Political Science;  Jeff Meyer, Music;
Tao Ming, Chinese;  Jennifer Sweatman, Biology and Environmental Studies


Family, Community, and Identity in Contemporary Scotland

Global Studies 380

Mallary Allen, Sociology and Karla Knutson, English


Nature and Culture: Encountering Landscape through Nature Writing as Public Philosophy and the Art of the American West

Art 380, Philosophy 380, or Environmental Studies 380

Tess Varner, Philosophy and Chris Mortenson, Art


Fall Exploration Seminars: October 19-28, 2018


Wing, Boot and Rail: Exploration and Travel
IWC 100
W. Scott Olsen, English
(United Kingdom)  

Business and Commerce in Switzerland
Finance 386
Chris Mason, Business

The Influence of History and Culture on Health Perspectives and Practices in Haiti
NURS 401 (Current Enrollment) or FREN 211 (Successful Completion or Current Enrollment)
Polly Kloster, Nursing & Gay Rawson, French


Spring Exploration Seminars: March 1-10, 2019


Business and Commerce in Hong Kong
Finance 386 
Chris Mason, Business 

New York Theatre: Behind the Lights of Broadway
Theatre 101 (Completed or Current Enrollment)
David Wintersteen, Theatre

Urban Travel Writing
English 377, English 477, or by permission
W. Scott Olsen, English
(London & Paris)

Justice Journeys: March 1-10, 2019

Past programs:

  • Environmental Justice in Seattle, WA
  • Sustainable Development in Nicaragua with Lutheran World Relief
  • Poverty and Economic Justice in Atlanta, GA
  • Racial and Economic Justice in Ensenada, Mexico